"I first met Zoë September 2016, I was suffering extreme anxiety, Insomnia, depression, I was unable to focus, I couldn't handle all the changes life was throwing at me, I felt totally out of control and lost..

After only my first initial meeting I felt different, calmer and for someone who struggled to make decisions I knew this was one I would not regret. I did the Louise Hay "how to love yourself". Every session I could feel a change, a difference, none of which would have been possible without Zoë, there is just a natural love, warmth and compassion that oozes from her.

I have learned so much about myself over the past 5 months, I know who I am, I know what I want out of life, I know how to deal with situations, I have my confidence back, I no longer live in fear, I finally believe in myself again.

I am ready to rock the world!

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting you Zoë, You truly are an amazing lady, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help."


- Kyla Grant

"Zoë has been very helpful to me. She has helped me to learn more about myself and how to cope with difficult situations. I have always been very good at making mountains out of molehills and Zoë has shown me how to cut things down to size."


- Pat

"I would like to say that my sessions with Zoë have been a revelation. Zoë has been a good teacher and friend and I will miss her weekly inspiring sessions. I think everyone should attend sessions where they can discuss things about themselves that will surprise them.

I have thoroughly enjoyed "finding myself" Thank You for all your support and guidance"


- Jean 

"I decided to see a life coach after feeling stuck with my health and fitness and frustrated with my career path.  I felt there had to be more.  I contacted Zoë who has been amazing from the very first phone call until our last session and beyond. Zoë has helped me get my life back on track after I knew I wasn't living to my potential, helping me identify areas I was lacking confidence and had an unproductive mindset, which led to procrastination and frustration.  Thanks to Zoë I feel much more positive in myself, I have clear goals and a renewed motivation.  I have started running again, lost weight, cleared my many 'minor' admin tasks that prevented me doing more productive things and have daily plans that enable me to be more proactive.  I have learned to appreciate the small things that make up the bigger picture and have strategies in place to enable me to realign myself with my true path.


I would recommend Zoë to anyone wishing to see a life coach as her constant positive, confident and smiley manner can't fail to rub off on clients.  She regularly sends out useful links to information sources appropriate to me, has given me some great exercises and tasks to help me learn about myself and put me in contact with useful people to help me progress my career in the way I felt it should be."

- Ian Clark

"I have just completed a life and Well-being course with Zoë and I enjoyed the weekly groups immensely.

Zoë is the ideal coach; I immediately felt at ease with the calming effect that pervaded within the group. Zoë, subtly is able to draw out hidden strengths from the individual and everyone benefitted from listening and sharing. I was sorry when the sessions ended but thankful that I have learned so much about myself and am now able to utilise my new skills with confidence.


Zoë has a pleasant personality, is honest and sincere and has the perfect traits to help people think positively.


I highly recommend Zoë to anyone struggling to believe in themselves and who needs a confidence boost to lead to a full and happier life."


- Jean Elliott BA (Hons)

"I first went to see Zoë in October 2016, My reason for going was I felt my life was falling apart and I hated me and everyone i came in contact with, I could start a row with the dog.

I have always been a positive people type of person and run my own business which is very people orientated.

4 years ago i started on a chain of events which almost broke me, I had a massive brain Haemorrhage which resulted in 2 lots of brain surgery. My husband of 25 years committed suicide and my only sister dropped dead at 47. My way of dealing with all this was to plough myself into work. I worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

In 2016 i had a series of events, very minor things but they just piled on top of me, bit by bit i was getting angrier with the world and everyone in it. My relationships with my children and family, work colleagues and friends were getting unbearable and I shut myself in my house and became a recluse. My wheelie bin went out more than i did. I went to the doctors who gave me anti depressants and suggest bereavement counselling. I contacted cruise but they were not taking on any new cases so decided to go private.

Within one meeting of Zoë i found myself smiling again. She taught me how to deal with everything that happened to me. (I am on record as being her worst crier). She helped me restore the faith in myself and believe in myself again.

My relationships now with everyone are 100% better than it was even before i was ill. I am able to listen to music again and I laugh, it seems so long since i did that. I have work life balance and have set goals for the future, 

Zoë does all kinds of counselling I did Louise Hay, “how to love yourself” and “Harmonizing”. She doesn’t judge or give you the answers but enables you to find the answers yourself.

I will be forever grateful to Zoë for giving me my life back."

- Karen Boardman

"I undertook a period of coaching with Zoe last year following a breakdown in relationship.  I was at a stage in my life when I needed to take stock and make some difficult decisions, however at the time I just couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

The coaching sessions were fundamental in helping me get back on track.  Zoe’s style is incredible, she is perceptive, empathic and gently challenging, all the right ingredients in the necessary quantities.  I would recommend her services to anyone; whether in crisis like I was at the time or simply to gain some well needed perspective and direction….  Thank you for helping get my life back on track!"


- Victoria - 46 year old professional female

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course with Zoe.  Zoe facilitates the course in such a relaxed and friendly manner it feels like we are all friends getting together for a chat and a coffee.  Zoe quickly builds a rapport and trust with her clients enabling free speech and sureness.  She listens carefully to all her clients and is able to suggest different methods of dealing with various situations.  I found throughout the course I was learning without even noticing.  Zoe has mad me think more about myself and my feelings than I would normally.  She has also highlighted how important these are to my own health and my ability to care for other people in my life.  I am also learning ways to deal with negative feelings and thoughts.Thanks Zoe for the course and your wonderful, open and funny personality."


- Ginny 

"Possibilities Life Coaching... gives me great tools to feel confident in seeking out my ambitions and inner peace. Vision boards, a daily journal, recognising what I am grateful for every day. I am now aware of what I would like to attract in my life as well as being able to recognise what makes me happy. I am now equipt to walk away from negativity and attract only positivity. A great tool I am using at the moment is being thankful for three things each day, this helps me recognise all the blessings I have in life. Zoe has given me a great drive, motivation and confidence to go out and achieve the things I desire."


- Rebekah Lewis

"I met Zoe only a few weeks ago when I became a delegate on a " Positive Thinking and Motivation" Course that she was leading. Zoe has made the class a pleasure to go to and I have got a lot from sharing ideas with Zoe and the other delegates. Zoe's approach is direct and friendly and she immediately made me realise that I was in a safe environment. Zoe encourages and allows equal participation from the delegates and ensures that everyones' views and opinions are heard. Zoe is enthusiastic and shares her own experiences which puts everyone at ease and gives them the confidence to share their views. I try to be as positive as I can generally but this last week I have had a personal challenge which really set me back. I was able to use the tools that Zoe has taught me to handle the situation in a much more confident way than I would have previously done. I also spoke to Zoe about it on a one-to-one basis and she was very helpful in suggesting alternative approaches I can take to the situation. I am very glad that I signed up for this course as it enabled me to meet Zoe and I look forward to having her as a coach and a friend in the future."


- Julie Boddy

It was so lovely to meet you this week Zoe and see you grow and have realisations about yourself and be the kind of person you know at your core you want to be. To see you light up when you talk about being that person, the authentic you and the wonderful love you have to share. Bless you 

Kim X

Zoe You are a dream ! Everyone needs a Zoe in thier life !. You radiate Warmth, love and have a beautiful honest vunerablity which puts others incredibly at ease. You make me want to give you a huge enormouse hug just to say Thank you for being absolutely you ! . You are amazing X Love Jo xxx 

Zoe You have amazing energy. You are so open and generous with your love and energy that you support everyone who comes into contact with you. Work on your stillness- dont loose your laughter and sence of fun !

Thank You for bringing your fun and laughter to the week-we have all been blessed by your presence and all your input. Love and blessings Pamela xx

Zoe Thank You for keeping us real. Your heart is enormous, the people in your life are blessed. I wish the focus to channel that love to the places it is needed.

and you know you can buy 3 wheeler bikes ;-)

Pauline x

Zoe so glad to have met you !

What larger than life lovely being. Big heart, so giving and wishing the best for everyone. Its been an inspiration to listen to you. You are going to touch so many people

Gavin x

I met Zoe earlier in 2018. At the time I was feeling quite low, confused and had a lack of focus in life. I felt at a loss as what to do and where to go. I had heard of life coaching and the positives it can bring. However I was reluctant to make initial contact, the main reason for this was the feeling of guilt. How could I spend money for myself? I eventually decided to take the plunge and contact Zoe. I am so pleased i did. From first speaking with Zoe I felt at ease, she has a wonderful warm, friendly aura that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Zoe ensured she got to know my life experiences and what my goals and needs were. Following this she was able to plan and structure bespoke sessions. She really opened my eyes to another world of self care and love. For me this was amazing and it really has changed my outlook and feelings on life. She gave me so many practical skills that I could adapt into daily life and it truly has made a difference. I feel more focused and at peace. Her attitude is wonderful, I really can’t commend her enough! Thank you Zoe, I really have developed tools for life.

Laura P

Well what can i say other than miracle worker. I came to Zoe when I was at a low point, hating and wanting to give up on life. No job, a relationship I wasn't happy in yet I stayed, depressed, angry and self hate. That all change when I book a block of session with Zoe best decision I made. I changed my life around I grew confidence, I left the relationship that didn't serve me, I got a job and believed in myself. With working with affirmation, meditations, forgiveness and other things Zoe taught me, I grew as person and have become a better person and mother. I still use these techniques daily and they keep me balanced. Thank you so much Zoe you don't know how much I appreciate your help.