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Hi im Zoe and I have coached mainly women find themselves for over 13 years

My own life as a women has probably been similar to many other women. I have brought up 2 wonderful children to be caring respectful young adults who I am proud of, coached my husband through his chosen career, been there for family and friends, looked after my 2 dogs who I adore and juggled working as a coach in between. I have had my fair share or some might say and a little more of challenges and I have come through them with a little more wisdom and resilience to see me through till the next time.

In 2018 my youngest went off to uni and im not going to lie, I felt like the bottom of my world had fell out. My oldest had gone off doing her own thing and there was good old me left alone (Hubby was away working) I had never felt anything like it, I knew I would be upset when the kids went off but I didnt realise it would impact me the way it did. I ended up getting more and more depressed and then I found myself having a full breakdown, I stopped eating withdrew and couldnt see how I was ever going to be happy and feel fulfilled again.

Being a coach for 12 years I was so so angry with myself that I had let this happen to ME. Wasnt I meant to have it all together, after all I had coached many women through many things succesfully, helping them refind themselves and really embrace themselves in all areas of thier lives. I was sooo disapointed with myself and I felt ashamed of what I had allowed to happen to me and that I couldnt even coach myself to prevent this from happening to me.

This went on for a long long time, until one day I realised that I had always put myself last, (ironic to say the least as I had worked in self care for so long and rambled on about putting self first for years). I hadnt put anything in place for this happening, even though I had heard this had happened to other women. I realised that the advise I always gave to my clients about being gentle with themselves would have to be the advise I needed to be giving to myself.

The work began, I took a year off work (Coaching) and gave myself the gift of full permission to heal and start to build myself a new chapter, because it suddenly dawned on me that only I could do that (again something I always told my clients) I began to practice what I was preaching and coaching myself using patience and kindness for myself.

Today I am a totally different women in so many ways and I am back doing the work I so love doing, coaching women to live their best lives and give themselves PERMISSION to stop when they need to recharge or heal or just breath when life gets too much or when they are just needing to step back and balance their lives.

I now know what self care REALLY is and the gift is I can now really start to live and practice what I preach but with the added luxury of sharing this with other beautiful women who need that little bit of help. I even have my own coach because as I have now realised every coach needs thier own coach and im not asking anyone to do what I wouldnt do myself. 

If this resonates with you and you think a coach like me could support you I would love to hear from you. I am confident I can help you with that, because we all need that support sometimes and I am the first to say it.  07305 409727

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