7 ways to achieve health and well being this summer

Vibrance health stems from balance and here are 7 ways of helping you to achieve this without it taking up to much of your time

1. Flower essences. Flowers have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. They work by the principle of resonance in the subtle body where imbalance starts, so the action of flower essence is energetic, not biochemical. Each plant has a unique vibrational energy. Sometimes flower essences work immediately; other times you may feel the effect unfold over days or weeks, layer by layer. And the beauty is Flower essences are safe, and there are many ways to use them to heal.

2. Exercise. The good thing to know is that you don't you don't necessarily need to be good at sports to exercise, there are many ways you can get physical, lets face it we are all different and believe me you would never see me sweating it out in the gym ever haha but thats not to say other women don't enjoy the gym or for that matter I don't do anything physical, my idea of exercise is to walk in nature and take in the sights smells and everything nature has to offer me. Do what works for you and lets start making exercise about doing something we enjoy instead of dread hey !!!!!

3. Rituals. Rituals are basically habits with intentions behind them in a nut shell. In other words, its all about mindfulness. So whether its meditations, saying affirmations doing mirror work or maybe making a nice cuppa and relaxing for 10 mins each day these rituals can be health enhancing for you on many levels, including helping you relax, wind down, stop for a moment, reduce your blood pressure or helping to centre yourself each time you do it. You could even put your mobile phone away for an hour a day and see what benefit come from that. Whatever works for you and your life rituals are proven to enhance your life.

4. Drink more water. Water as we know has many many health benefits and by adding things to water like natural lemon juice or a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt (for 20 ounces of water) can also help enhance your health, try googling what you can add to your water to achieve better health.

5. Treat yourself to a diffuser for essential oils. I love love love mine and I take it from one room to the next with me dependant on what oil i am using and what im using it for. My favourate has to be womens balance by neals yard. I also add citrus smells like lemon to give me a boost when im feeling a little low on energy. There are lots and lots of different oils to choose from, so what are you waiting for. Surround yourself in beautiful smells. The amazing thing about them is that they are beneficial for so many things.

6. Journal. One of the ways to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy outlet in which to express yourself, which makes a journal a helpful tool in managing your mental health. Journaling can help:

Manage anxiety

Reduce stress

Cope with depression

Journaling helps control your symptoms and improve your mood by:

Helping you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns

Tracking any symptoms day-to-day so that you can recognise triggers and learn ways to better control them

Providing an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts and behaviors

7. Find yourself a good complimentary therapist. This for me is a must have in my life, try different therapies to see what helps and works for you, there are many to choose from like Massage, Indian head massage, Candle hopi ear treatment, and lets not forget my favourate Reflexology. All these therapies have many many health and well being benefits, so what are you waiting for, Go treat yourself, you know you are worth it.