Live it your way

I always feel the sense of excitement when I hear Oprah saying her famous saying "The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of time"

This is such a powerful inspirational saying that can open your world up to so many wonderful exciting possibilities.

Each time I sit with my client for the first time I always ask them what they do for themselves and the biggest majority of the time they sit blank faced looking at me like I have just asked them to get naked haha, we are so alienated to give ourselves the space just for ourselves just to even hold space for ourselves or to do something for ourselves that we know we will really benefit from. For some reason we are conditioned to think this is somewhat selfish and self indulgent in someway and we couldn't possibly do that, although its acceptable to sit trawling through facebook for hours on end looking at other peoples so called perfect lives and feeling almost not good enough.

Its time to really start living life our way and living life outside the lines, when I do this I feel so free, empowered and authentic to myself. I love taking the time for myself to really be out of my comfort zone because I know on the other side of my fear is growth and filfulment. My biggest achievments and accomplishments have always come from me stepping outside the lines and stepping into my true self. Life has a funny way of delivering the goods when we truly own who we really are and we let go of what is expected of us.

Ask yourself these questions

Am I doing this out of love or fear?

Will I grow from this?

Am I honouring my true self?

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