Living in Love

Living In Love

Coming to my 11th year of coaching and being blessed to do the beautiful work I have been sent here to do, I start to self reflect.

My work is my medicine, my power, my love, my compassion, my health, my joy, my inspiration and this I take from the different coaaching programs I use and work with

My life has come so far in this ever-changing wonderful world we live in and I have been gifted with the most beautiful souls who I now call my true family. My work takes me to some amazing places and is always opening my eyes to new opportunities and lessons which I never hesitate to grab with both hands. You see out of doing this work and working on myself being gentle with myself and self loving everyday I have an understanding of why we are here and what is on offer for us if we are open to receiving it. Life daily brings me treasure and gifts whether that is in the form of people, places, beauty I see with my eyes, sounds I hear, books I read, Nature I feel safe in and at one and messages that are meant for me everywhere and the list goes on. I spent many of my years on this earth believing that this world is a place of fear, struggle, danger, hardship, evil and again the list goes on but this is not the case at all. Once I learnt that my thoughts created my world and I was really self aware of my thoughts then I began to deliberately change these into more positive loving nurturing thoughts, this shift was unbelievable as my world literally changed overnight.

I know and believe that all the suffering, challenges and hardship I went through were all meant to be, to give me the wisdom, heart space, understanding and love I now use daily in my personal life but also in my work too.

We are always in charge of our own thoughts and we have the power to change them at any time and when this happens our lives literally open up to us in the most amazing way ever imagined.

Now I book that holiday, I paint pebbles in the garden when my ironing is piled high, I see or speak to that friend who lifts me up, I buy that beautiful object that warms me just by sight without guilt, I sit and take the time to listen to the birds or the ocean and count my blessings I can see such beauty all around me. I rest when needed and when my body whispers to me to rest and not when socioty dictates I rest. Harmonizing

I walk away from things or people who do not enhance my life or cause me to feel sad without guilt and without looking back. I am the writer of my own story and I intend it to be colourful, heart warming, kind, loving, open hearted, radiant, enchanting, magical, beautiful, inspiring, fulfilling and joyful. This is my birth right and I intend to grab the gifts life is always giving to me everyday. This way of being is takien from Harmonizing mainly which opened me up to all the possibilities and love out there for ME.

My work is not my job but my lifestyle and I am so so grateful I get to do this work but more importantly grow from it and share it with the perfect clients a girl could wish for.

Heres to Life and the beauty and love it offers us always. Some call it the language of the world

I call it Living in Love.

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