Hi Lovely Ladies

Hi Lovely Ladies

Just jiggling my work around at the moment and still after 10 years of coaching I am adapting and I am getting clear on what I specialise in as a coach.

I have decided to still offer regular Life coaching face to face , groups and even skype and telephone but I have also decided to work more on supporting and coaching women who have lost their Authentic selves or never found their authentic self through Abuse, trauma, time restrictions or having no idea about self love and the benefit of self love. As you all probably know before I became a coach I was in this position of not knowing who I actually was through no self worth, an abused childhood and no self belief. I began my journey in Personal Love and Development and a whole new world appeared, an exciting, fulfilling, happy, peaceful, FREE world with lots and lots of doors to open and unlimited possibilities, ( hence why I named my business Possibilities Life Coaching )

I have test drove loads and loads of tools and techniques which have helped me and all my clients feel that we are free and we are worthy and we are important and we have an abundance of unique talents to offer the world and Life is good. I feel that I am more than a life coach now and I have moved to another level of self awareness, what I have to offer and spiritually within myself. I am now going to say I am a Creative Personal Transformational Coaching for Women and I am so excited for this new journey and chapter of my life work and purpose. I am proud of myself and I congratulate myself for working on myself and investing in myself to be who I am today and do the work I do with others.

sending Love Light and Possibilities



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