It's not enough when you're working with affirmations to just read the card, nod your head and say "yeah I so need that" and then put the card back in the deck and forget all about it. The benefits of affirmations comes from actually saying them out loud! I like to say affirmations at least three times, but if you're really working on something say it ten times! Go for the tried and true 108 times if you're really serious about creating shifts! It 'aint gonna work unless you do the work! 


Yeah OK, I said there was more to affirmation card life than daily draws, but actually, daily draws are pretty awesome. Leave your deck in the car, take it in your bag or even keep it in your desk at work so that you don't miss your daily reading. I also like to keep a deck by my bed so I can pull a card before I go to sleep. 


Pick a card as part of your meditation practiceand use it at a mantra. Say it out loud or just breathe it in and out. 


Who says card decks are only for divination!? Blue tac your favourite cards to the bathroom mirror or make a cool display in your office! You can even string them up in your bedroom with some fairy lights! #Gorgeous!