Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few examples of successful people that have had coaching and it’s no surprise that many of them have raved about its benefits.


Over the past 10 years, the life coaching industry has exploded and more and more people are choosing to work with a Holistic coach to help them improve their relationships, increase confidence, lose weight, get promoted or transition from an employee to an entrepreneur.


Assisting others to realise their strengths, enhance their self-awareness and create a better way of life are just a few of the ways a coach can help others to pave their way forwards.


If you are considering getting some coaching, below are ways a coach could benefit you:



Find your purpose

A Holistic coach can help you to discover what is meaningful to you away from the expectations or goals of others; you’re empowered to come up with your own solutions to your dreams and discover the obstacles which could be holding you back in life.

A coach isn’t there to dictate your route forwards but they are there to guide you towards uncovering that for yourself.


Get clarity

Working with a coach provides you with the opportunity to sort through your mental and emotional clutter so that you can gain clarity on your needs and wants, decipher what matters to you and gain perspective on how you can fulfil those needs.


Enhanced self-reflection

A Holistic coach can provide you with a safe space to explore your inner world so that you’re able to gain valuable insight into who you really are. This can help you to identify your strengths and values, as well as learn what truly matters to you as an individual. Getting a chance to stop and re-evaluate who you are can help you to create a more meaningful lifestyle.


Build confidence

Working with a Holistic coach can help you to feel more empowered with your decisions, encouraging you to stretch past your comfort zone and take daily action steps towards making your dream a reality.

Combining your action steps with the support of a coach as you move forwards can help you to build your confidence and sense of pride.


Maintain momentum

A Holistic coach understands how to break down a big goal into smaller more manageable steps, allowing you to avoid feelings of overwhelm and move at a pace that works for you. Stretching out of your comfort zone can present challenges and a Holistic Coach is able to assist you in overcoming any turbulence so that you can maintain motivation as you move towards the finish line of your goal.

Understanding your own Spirituality

Understanding yourself and your world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life. You may discover that you have a profound purpose and that all of the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path. Working with a holistic life coach can help you to align with your true essence and help you clear out any energetic blocks to living the life that you were always meant to live. A holistic life coach can help you find who you really are spiritually and help you align with God/The Divine to heal your old wounds so that you can move into a better, brighter future. 

It will always be YOUR own unique journey so take the best from it xxx

"It is returning, at last it is coming home to me - my own Self and those parts of it that have long been abroad and scattered among all things and accidents." - Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Two Wolves: A Native American grandfather is talking to his grandson about how he feels about a tragedy in their village. "I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is the vengeful, angry, violent one. The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one." The grandson asks, "Grandfather, which wolf will win the fight in your heart?" The grandfather places his hand on his heart and replies, "The one I feed."

How do we learn to "feed" the stories that heal?
How do we put together the pieces of the past? How can we rewrite our life story so that pain becomes meaningful and actually promotes growth and transformation? 

One answer lies in looking inwards. Holistic coaching  offers a step by step journey of discovery and re-visioning through focused exercises, discussion and Love .

Working with a holistic coach can benefit your life in a variety of ways but perhaps one of the most valuable benefits is avoiding the long route towards what it is that you want to achieve. Time is one of the most precious assets we have and a coach can help you to maximise the use of yours by helping you to plan out a direct route towards your destination, saving you time, frustrations and anxieties that may have previously stopped you.


In Buddhism, the bud of the lotus symbolises potential. The lotus flower represents an awakening, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. Just as the lotus flower emerges from the water clean, the lotus also represents purity of body, speech, and mind. The lotus could be thought of as an awakened mind, which grows naturally toward the warmth and light of truth, love and compassion. The lotus may appear fragile on the surface, but it is flexible and strong, securely anchored under the surface of the water.


You don’t need to be Buddhist to understand that we are all like the lotus flower. Many of us live in that murky water, and never make it to the surface so we can blossom. Many of us are close; we are just buds, ready and eager to feel the sunshine of life on our skin. No matter which stage of life you are on, I’m sure you can relate to this lotus and see yourself in this story. The conditions that produce beautiful life are not always ideal, but that never stops the lotus from rising through adversity, opening its petals, and blossoming in the sun.


“The lotus is the most beautiful flower, whose petals open one by one. But it will only grow in the mud. In order to grow and gain wisdom, first you must have the mud — the obstacles of life and its suffering. … The mud speaks of the common ground that humans share, no matter what our stations in life. … Whether we have it all or we have nothing, we are all faced with the same obstacles: sadness, loss, illness, dying and death. If we are to strive as human beings to gain more wisdom, more kindness and more compassion, we must have the intention to grow as a lotus and open each petal one by one. ” 
― Goldie Hawn


As a Holistic Coach, I feel we too often underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, another person who believes in us, someone who shows that they genuinely care, or even show a sign they are interested in what we have to say, all of which can have a very big impact on us and change the way we see and behave in life.


A Holistic Coach can help turn lives around by empowering others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional dreams and goals. Using a variety of tools and techniques, a coach has the ability to provide guidance, personal empowerment and improvement to aspects of the clients lives, as well as to increase levels of well-being and happiness. A coach will inspire the client to find the answers to their own questions enabling  growth with confidence, which will motivate the client to move past challenges that stand in the way of their dreams and goals.


If you would like to invest in yourself please contact me 

Zoe Rodgers

  • Boost confidence
  • Encourage positive thinking
  • Improve well-being
  • Strenthen self esteem
  • Support with depression and stress

Limitations are stories that I make up in my mind. When I’m invested in my limitations they become true for me, which reinforces my belief in them. When I keep my focus on the Beloved, I’m gently reminded that I can quit telling that limitations story. Taking one tiny step to challenge a limitation, I move past my old belief to discover the truth that was there all along.

The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of thier own dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt





















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