Ok so I am now starting to get the hang of this blogging business, how I see it is I share what I want to tell people on my blog page yippee result



I have been working on my own negative thoughts this week as I have not had a great week and I have felt a little out of touch and down with myself, I know you are probably thinking "well this lady is a coach so she must be a master at working on herself and have no issues with negative thoughts" 

Well let me just say this is not at all true even though I teach and coach in this subject I still have my own challenges on my own journey and this is how I grow, by recognising when I need to work on myself and give myself love. I suppose in a good way recognising that I am on a continuous path of discovery and growth keeps my grounded and helps me understand my clients without judgement. 

Anyway enough of that, my main reason to blog today was to share the way I have challenged my own negative thoughts this week and come out of it okay yes okay because yes we can always tap into ourselves for help when ever we need to.



I had about a week of feeling out of touch but I could not put my finger on why I was feeling this way. It wasn't because I was tired because I had had plenty of sleep, it wasn't that I was lacking love from my family and friends because I have that in abundance, was it because the weather had changed maybe but to be honest I love Autumn.



I practiced a bit more mirror work than normal telling myself I loved myself unconditionally, I allowed myself an indulgence on sweet stuff on one of the days which was a real treat for me as I have a very sweet tooth but I know it is no good for me so I have dramatically cut down, I bought myself a couple of books to add to my very large collection and nope that didn't shift anything.



Then I decided to just be, yep just go through the process and trust I will come out of it on the other side back to my old happy go lucky self ready to save the world again. Once I had decided on this I didn't have a challenge anymore so I wasn't feeding the negative thoughts but just letting them come in acknowledging them and then let them float on by. 



This seemed to work, a few days into this and I feel great although I have to say watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday did play a small part as I had a dose of it on Sunday and it always Inspires me. This week Elizabeth Gilbert was on and she was enlightening as usual, one I recommend you see.



Anyway I'm going to go do a bit until next time



Sending Love Light and Possibilities



Zoe xxx
















Hi all

hope you are all now winding down for Christmas and getting into a festive mood. I love this time of year, its cosy at night when I come home at tea time and put my pjs on to get snuggled in front of the tv with my family and dogs. The tree is up and the presents are under the tree im looking forward to waking up Christmas day to see my kids faces when they unwrap thier presents and then spending the day together eating and playing games.


Every day I am reminded how blessed I am to have all these blessings in life and I am grateful beyond belief. I do sit and wander why I have the life I have with all these wanderful blessings and then not so far away there will be many families really struggling to make ends meet and Christmas time is just one big stress they probably could do without ontop of all the normal day to day worries. So many times I have felt myself feeling down for others especially at this time of year and I have gotten stressed because I cant save the world.


The many times this has happened to me I have to have a good word with myself, I have to tell myself that I am living my story and they are living thiers, who said these people dont like thier lives just as they are and I am looking in from the outside telling myself the story that they are sad. I am telling myself stories as I dont know what is going on for them as a person or family. I also have to be sturn with myself and tell myself that I cannot save the world, I can do my bit which I do do but I am not responsible for other peoples happiness. I tell myself if I keep playing the same pattern in my head and feeling down because of other situations and lifes then how on earth can I contribute what I want to contribute to help where I can and spread Love onto who ever I meet. Self Love first then I will have more Love to give out. I know a lot of people who dont get this concept and dont Self Love and this usualy always ends up in burn out, resentment, depression, anxioty and many more non useful concequences we bring on ourselves.


Just remember we are all on our own journey so we need to make sure we are firstly looking after our own minds and selves and then we will have more love to give out, One way of doing this is to meditate each morning, even if its only for 5 minutes. Meditation will help calm the mind and body, it will help you centre yourself and help prepare you for the day. This is your time and I dont think its asking for a lot 5 minutes out of a full day.


I tend to meditate in the bath in a morning as I know I wont get disturbed in the bath and I can relax my body quite quickly in warm water, I put You Tube on and find a 5-30 minute guided meditation and off I go. ( I highly recomend a Loiuse Hay guided meditation ) This then starts my day off lovely and I find I can deal with the day to day stuff with ease and calm.



Until next time, be gentle with yourself and invest in YOU



Sending Love Light and Possibilities



Zoe xxx



Hi Lovely Ladies


Just jiggling my work around at the moment and still after 10 years of coaching I am adapting and I am getting clear on what I specialise in as a coach.


I have decided to still offer regular Life coaching face to face , groups and even skype and telephone but I have also decided to work more on supporting and coaching women who have lost their Authentic selves or never found their authentic self through Abuse, trauma, time restrictions or having no idea about self love and the benefit of self love. As you all probably know before I became a coach I was in this position of not knowing who I actually was through no self worth, an abused childhood and no self belief. I began my journey in Personal Love and Development and a whole new world appeared, an exciting, fulfilling, happy, peaceful, FREE world with lots and lots of doors to open and unlimited possibilities, ( hence why I named my business Possibilities Life Coaching )

I have test drove loads and loads of tools and techniques which have helped me and all my clients feel that we are free and we are worthy and we are important and we have an abundance of unique talents to offer the world and Life is good. I feel that I am more than a life coach now and I have moved to another level of self awareness, what I have to offer and spiritually within myself. I am now going to say I am a Creative Personal Transformational Coaching for Women and I am so excited for this new journey and chapter of my life work and purpose. I am proud of myself and I congratulate myself for working on myself and investing in myself to be who I am today and do the work I do with others.

sending Love Light and Possibilities TO ALL YOU AMAZING WOMEN OUT THERE