Jane’s 2016 bio



For the first fifty years of her life Jane Beach was an atheist. In a moment of awareness, she discovered that God was real. Her whole life changed and much to her surprise, she became a minister! Jane’s passion is her love affair with the one she calls the Beloved. Knowing what it feels like to live in a place of unconditional love and acceptance, she is committed to creating situations for others to do the same, relaxing into their own personal relationship with the God of their understanding. As Jane says, “Once you know how Loved you are, everything else takes care of itself.”


Jane is an author. Her books invite readers to investigate their own love affair with the divine … their own inner beauty. 


Recently Jane became an artist. She paints with joy as the light she feels within makes its way to the canvas. 


She lives in Santa Rosa, California. You can email Jane at and connect with her on Facebook at