About me

I have vast experience as well as qualifications in coaching. As a person I live and breath coaching and personal development. I use my knowledge skills and 

Experience I have built up over the years to benefit myself my family and friends and my clients lives too. 

Our minds are as important to take care of as our bodies and I believe we can make a huge difference in our lives when we take time out to look after our minds as well as investing in ourselves as a whole.

We become our thoughts and our thoughts create our world literally so why not learn to pick great inspirational ones. 

The Coaching Academy Personal Performance Diploma

Certified Mindfulness Coach (Mindfulness Now )

Certified Psychodynamic Counselling


Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma  


Certified Holistic Coach Teacher & Trainer, One to One Coaching, Workshop Facilitator and Group Coaching Private and Community.

Certified Harmonizing Teacher and Coach


Certified Heal Your Life International Teacher and Trainer (Louise Hay).

Qualified Meditation Teacher and Trainer


Holistic Coaching enables people to have fulfilment, peace of mind, purpose, clear vision, self belief and security in mind body and soul. It develops confidence within and results in more effective relationships both personally and professionally.

I am very passionate about Personal Growth, Happiness, Peace and Self Love.

I believe everybody has a unique beauty within themselves and as a coach I help my clients tap into this and celebrate themselves and their own individuality and authenticity. When people get closer to their own uniqueness then amazing changes begin to happen.

​A Holistic Coach can help turn lives around by empowering others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional dreams and goals.


Using a variety of tools and techniques, a coach has the ability to provide guidance, personal empowerment and improvement to aspects of the clients lives, as well as to increase levels of well-being and happiness. A coach will inspire the client to find the answers to their own questions enabling growth with confidence, which will motivate the client to move past challenges that stand in the way of their dreams and goals.


I can honestly say I love my chosen career as a coach, guiding others to discover their true identity, to learn to think positive and grow as an Authentic individual by using the right tools and techniques to empower themselves in all areas of their lives.

I have worked as a coach for over 10 years enabling clients to find their true selves and identity, I am truly blessed to be in this type of work and I know I will continue for many more years. Coaching is my purpose in life as well as my medicine. Coaching has changed my life, I am content, happy, at peace and grateful.


I would describe Coaching as a gift to yourself.


If you feel Coaching would benefit you and you would like to invest in yourself please contact me.

 “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” -e.h


Im a Moonflower you see 


I find myself in that dark place again

Why is it I'm back here

Have I done wrong

its the forth time this year


Feelings of sadness

I criticise myself

Black mood I loath you

There seems to be no way out


Thoughts coming and staying 

In this cold and damp place

I try to chase them out

Im not winning this race


I feel lonely and down

My minds going round and round

Questions no answers

I keep covering this ground


The monster is back 

And its darker than ever

Lurking in every corner of my mind

Its seeming to last forever


I seem to be lost

In my own thoughts and fears

I don’t know how

I found myself here


Life can seem really terrifying 

In the cold and the dark

I long for some peace

I start to search my own heart 


Then out of the darkness

Comes a beautiful insight

This dark place I'm in now

Will return to the light


Its a journey you see

A place to grow and to blossom

Dark can be my friend

If I blossom from the bottom


Im a Moonflower you see

and thats how I found me

Through the dark times I transformed

Then the light I could see


By Zoë Rodgers mac