About Me




Im a Moonflower you see 


I find myself in that dark place again

Why is it I'm back here

Have I done wrong

its the forth time this year


Feelings of sadness

I criticise myself

Black mood I loath you

There seems to be no way out


Thoughts coming and staying 

In this cold and damp place

I try to chase them out

Im not winning this race


I feel lonely and down

My minds going round and round

Questions no answers

I keep covering this ground


The monster is back 

And its darker than ever

Lurking in every corner of my mind

Its seeming to last forever


I seem to be lost

In my own thoughts and fears

I don’t know how

I found myself here


Life can seem really terrifying 

In the cold and the dark

I long for some peace

I start to search my own heart 


Then out of the darkness

Comes a beautiful insight

This dark place I'm in now

Will return to the light


Its a journey you see

A place to grow and to blossom

Dark can be my friend

If I blossom from the bottom


Im a Moonflower you see

and thats how I found me

Through the dark times I transformed

Then the light I could see


By Zoe Rodgers mac







About me


Holistic Coach Teacher & Trainer, One to One Coaching, Workshop Facilitator and Group Coaching Private and Community.

Harmonizing Teacher and Coach


Heal Your Life Teacher and Trainer (Louise Hay).

Qualified Meditation Teacher and Trainer


Holistic Coaching enables people to have fulfilment, peace of mind, purpose, clear vision, self belief and security in mind body and soul. It develops confidence within and results in more effective relationships both personally and professionally.

I am very passionate about Personal Growth, Happiness, Peace and Self Love.

I believe everybody has a unique beauty which is made up of talent, personality and inner depth.

I have had many challenges in my life incuding dealing with Childhood Trauma and abuse, then in my adult life I have dealt with Fybromyalgia Costochondritis and other illnesses linked to these all brought on by the trauma I suffered as a child. I have worked wih myself and coached myself well using many coaching tools and holistic therapies. I am now free of all these illnesses dispite my consultant telling me that I would have these illnesses for the rest of my life. I truly believe these illnesses are curable through the Body Mind connection and I myself am living proof of this.

As a Holistic Coach, I feel we too often underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, another person who believes in us, someone who shows that they genuinly care, or even show a sign they are interested in what we have to say, all of which can have a very big impact on us and change the way we see and behave in life. A Holistic Coach can help turn lives around by empowering others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional dreams and goals. Using a variety of tools and techniques, a coach has the ability to provide guidance, personal empowerment and improvement to aspects of the clients lives, as well as to increase levels of well-being and happiness. A coach will inspire the client to find the answers to their own questions enabling growth with confidence, which will motivate the client to move past challenges that stand in the way of their dreams and goals.


I can honestly say I love my chosen career as a coach, guiding others to discover their true identity, to learn to think positive and grow as an Authentic individual by using the right tools and techniques to empower themselves in all areas of their lives.

I have worked as a coach for over 10 years enabling clients to find their true selves and identity, I am truly blessed to be in this type of work and I know I will continue for many more years. Coaching is my purpose in life as well as my medicine. Coaching has changed my life, I am content, happy, at peace and grateful.


I would describe Coaching as a gift to yourself.


If you feel Coaching would benefit you and you would like to invest in yourself please contact me.

I first met Zoe September 2016, I was suffering extreme anxiety, Insomnia, depression, I was unable to focus, I couldnt handle all the changes life was throwing at me, I felt totally out of control and lost..

After only my first initial meeting I felt different, calmer and for someone who struggled to make decisions I knew this was one I would not regret. I did the Louise Hay "how to love yourself". Every session I could feel a change, a difference, none of which would have been possible without Zoe, there is just a natural love, warmth and compassion that oozes from her.

I have learned so much about myself over the past 5 months, I know who I am, I know what I want out of life, I know how to deal with situations, I have my confidence back, I no longer live in fear, I finally believe in myself again.

I am ready to rock the world!

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting you Zoe, You truly are an amazing lady, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.

Kyla Grant

Zoe has been very helpful to me. She has helped me to learn more about myself and how to cope with difficult situations. I have always been very good at making mountains out of molehills and Zoe has shown me how to cut things down to size.



I would like to say that my sessions with Zoe have been a revalation. Zoe has been a good teacher and friend and I will miss her weekly inspiring sessions. I think everyone should attend sessions where they can discuss things about themselves that will suprise them. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed "finding myself" Thank You for all your support and guidance

Love and Blessings



I have just completed a life and Well-being course with Zoe and I enjoyed the weekly groups immensley.

Zoe is the ideal coach; I immediately felt at ease with the calming effect that pervaded within the group. Zoe, subtly is able to draw out hidden strengths from the individual and everyone benefitted from listening and sharing. I was sorry when the sessions ended but thankful that I have learned so much about myself and am now able to utilise my new skills with confidence.


Zoe has a pleasant personality, is honest and sincere and has the perfect traits to help people think positively.


I highly recommend Zoe to anyone struggling to believe in themselves and who needs a confidence boost to lead to a full and happier life. 


Jean Elliott BA (Hons)

I first went to see Zoe in October 2016, My reason for going was I felt my life was falling apart and I hated me and everyone i came in contact with, I could start a row with the dog.

I have always been a positive people type of person and run my own business which is very people orientated.

4 years ago i started on a chain of events which almost broke me, I had a massive brain Haemorrhage which resulted in 2 lots of brain surgery. My husband of 25 years committed suicide and my only sister dropped dead at 47. My way of dealing with all this was to plough myself into work. I worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

In 2016 i had a series of events, very minor things but they just piled on top of me, bit by bit i was getting angrier with the world and everyone in it. My relationships with my children and family, work colleagues and friends were getting unbearable and I shut myself in my house and became a recluse. My wheelie bin went out more than i did. I went to the doctors who gave me anti depressants and suggest bereavement counselling. I contacted cruise but they were not taking on any new cases so decided to go private.

Within one meeting of Zoe i found myself smiling again. She taught me how to deal with everything that happened to me. (I am on record as being her worst crier). She helped me restore the faith in myself and believe in myself again.

My relationships now with everyone are 100% better than it was even before i was ill. I am able to listen to music again and I laugh, it seems so long since i did that. I have work life balance and have set goals for the future, 

Zoe does all kinds of counselling I did Louise Hay, “how to love yourself” and “Harmonizing”. She doesn’t judge or give you the answers but enables you to find the answers yourself.

I will be forever grateful to Zoe for giving me my life back

Karen Boardman